Becas Master IED Barcelona 2020 - Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Preamble

    1.1 IED Barcelona opens the call for its scholarship contest on the website

    1.2 The aim of the Contest is to award 20 scholarships to students on various Master’s Degrees and Postgraduate courses during academic year 2020-2021.

    1.3 The Contest is governed by these regulations and will comprise all of the stages described below, which will take place from January 13th, 2020 (when the regulations are published), to February 28th, 2020 at 23.59h (GMT+1, Spain).

    2. Requirements of Participation

    2.1 Applicants wishing to take part in the Contest are required to sign up on and accept these regulations. 

    2.2 Participation is reserved strictly for applicants who hold a university degree or equivalent qualifications, or applicants in last year of university studies (applicants are to take part in a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate program during the 2020/2021 academic year).

    2.3 IED employees and consultants are not authorised to take part in the Contest. 

    2.4 Candidates must provide the personal details requested in the inscription form. Candidates should be aware of the consequences of providing false data and must therefore give precise, complete, true and correct data. 

    2.5 In compliance with Organic Act 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection and with Royal Decree 1720/2007 of the Regulation Developing the Organic Data Protection Act (LOPD), the applicants’ details will be included in a file belonging to Istituto Europeo Di Design, S.L.

    2.6 Applicants will be liable for any damage or harm caused to IED Barcelona as a result of them having breached the foregoing rule.

    3. The Contest and the Candidate’s Project

    3.1 Applicants will be entitled to take part in the Contest once they have filled in the entire inscription form, accepted these regulations and submitted the project within the deadline, from January 13th, 2020 to February 28th, 2020 at 23.59h (GMT+1, Spain). The project is to be submitted together with a description thereof in the language in which their chosen Master’s or Postgraduate course is imparted. Applicants must observe the characteristics and format requirements detailed in point 4, as well as the theme of the Contest.

    3.2 Each candidate will only be entitled to take part in one of the project categories and for one single Master’s or Postgraduate course. Applicants who are participating for other IED Barcelona scholarships will be allowed to participate, but projects presented before to other IED scholarships cannot be used.

    3.3 By taking part in the Contest and in any case by submitting a project, applicants strictly accept and undertake to abide by these regulations.

    3.4 Projects submitted by applicants must be the outcome of their own personal work. Applicants must therefore be aware of the legal consequences of making false statements and must ensure that their project: - Is the result of their own personal, intellectual and original work and that no forgery or plagiarism is committed; - Does not breach the law or public order and morals; - Does not violate any third-party intellectual property rights, whether registered or not, such as copyright, trademarks and patents; - Does not violate any third-party rights, contracts, customs or traditions.

    3.5 The candidate takes full responsibility for the content, legal validity, nature, quality and veracity of the concepts and comments published on the website. IED Barcelona and its representatives are therefore expressly exempt from the duty to verify or control the applicants’ projects.

    3.6 IED Barcelona and its representatives hold no liability whatsoever for any of the projects published on the website. Applicants are obliged to hold IED Barcelona and its representatives harmless in the event of any claims for redress or compensation filed by third parties as a result of the publication of their project.

    3.7 Applicants are obliged to hold IED Barcelona and its representatives harmless for any loss, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses, including legal costs, which may arise from any breach of section 3 above.

    4. Project, Characteristics and Format 

    4.1 In order to enter the Contest, applicants are required to fill in and present a project submission form, which must be written in the working language of the Master’s or Postgraduate they are interested in.

    4.2 Applicants must submit the documents detailed in point 5.1 and on the subject specified in the Contest’s website.

    4.3 The requirements set out in points 4.1 and 4.2 are mandatory in order to enter the Contest.

    5. Documents Required

    5.1 By means of the delivery form mentioned in point 4, it is compulsory to provide the following information and documents, in the language in which the Master or Postgraduate course of interest is given:

    a. Name: Full name and surname(s)

    b. Valid official ID document: DNI, NIE or passport

    c. Email: Applicant’s email address

    d. Phone #: Applicant’s contact telephone number

    e. Birth date

    f. Country: Country of origin

    g. Course: Course for which the applicant is requesting the scholarship

    h. Project Title: Name to identify the project

    i. Short description: Short description of the project in the working language of the course.

    j. Project Image: Cover image of the Project (jpg, png)

    k. Project: Document attached (ppt, pptx, pdf)

    l. Motivation Letter: Motivation letter, explaining the applicant’s main motivations to take the course, and what is the submitted project’s contribution to the field of Design, in pdf format.

    m. Curriculum: Curriculum/CV (pdf).

    5.2 En caso de que haya un empate en cuanto a la valoración del proyecto presentado por varios candidatos para un solo curso, IED Barcelona solicitará a los finalistas la presentación de la documentación acreditativa correspondiente que manifieste la renta total percibida por la unidad familiar.

    6. Scholarships

    6.1 IED Barcelona offers students 17 scholarships to cover all or part of the tuition fees for their chosen Masters or Postgraduate course, according to the following breakdown:

    - Master’s Degrees: 8 full scholarships that cover 100% of the Tuition Fee for academic year 2020/2021. Students awarded with a full grant will only have to pay the course Enrolment Fee. Scholarships will be awarded for the following Master’s Degrees:

    - Master in Design for Urban Environment (ENG)

    - Master in Design for Virtual Reality (ENG)

    - Máster en Diseño de Moda Masculina (SPA)

    - Máster en Diseño de Sportswear (SPA)

    - Master in Fashion Creative Direction (ENG)

    - Master in Interaction Design (ENG)

    - Master in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces and Retail (ENG)

    - Master in Service Design (ENG)


    - Postgraduates: 9 partial scholarships that cover 50% of the Tuition Fees for academic year 2020/2021. Students awarded with a partial scholarship will have to pay the course Enrolment Fee and 50% of the Tuition Fee. Scholarships will be awarded for the following Postgraduate courses:

    - Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy (ENG)

    - Diseño de Accesorios de Moda y Marroquinería (SPA)

    - Postgrado en Diseño de Calzado (SPA)

    - Postgrado en Diseño de Knitwear (SPA)

    - Postgrado en Diseño de Vestidos de Novia y Ceremonia (SPA)

    - Postgrado en Diseño y Gestión de Eventos (SPA)

    - Postgraduate in Fashion Product Management (ENG)

    - Postgrado en Food Event Design (SPA)

    - Postgraduate in Trends Research (ENG)


    6.2 Scholarships cover only the cost of the Course Fee (100% or 50%, depending on the scholarship). Therefore, the cost of Enrolment, accommodation and other expenses will not be included in the grant and will be covered by the winners.


    7. Selection of the Winners and Assessment Committee

    7.1 Following an initial assessment, the projects received will be published on the website

    7.2 The assessment of the projects is entrusted to an Assessment Committee composed of representatives of the school and specialists in Design, Visual Communication, Fashion and Management.

    7.3 Assessment will be unobjectionably conducted by the Assessment Committee.

    7.4 IED Barcelona may call the authors of the top projects to hold an interview.

    7.5 The Assessment Committee may unobjectionably decide not to award a grant for one or more of the Master’s or Postgraduate courses if the standard of the projects is found not to be satisfactory.

    7.6 The winners of the Contest will be notified by email by a representative of IED Barcelona. The results will be communicated between March 13 and 17, 2020.

    Winners will be required to send a formal letter of acceptance of the grant by email, no later than within 5 (five) natural days after the result of the Contest is disclosed. Should the winner fail to do so, the grant will automatically be considered “rejected” and the Assessment Committee may unobjectionably decide to award the grant to another candidate.

    Once the scholarship has been accepted, the winner will have 21 (twenty-one) natural days from the day of the result communication to complete the enrolment for the Master’s or Postgraduate course for which the grant has been awarded.

    Should the winner fail to complete the enrolment process for the course the scholarship has been awarded for within the abovementioned 3 (three) week period, the scholarship will be revoked, and the winner will also be excluded from being awarded in future calls for scholarships held by IED Barcelona.

    8. General Terms & Conditions of Participation 

    8.1 In order to be published, projects must meet the requirements set out in all of the points contained in the foregoing sections, stating their full name, date of birth, contact details, country of origin, previous studies and the course chosen. Incomplete forms will not be valid.

    8.2 Incomplete projects that fail to meet the requirements, that do not include the elements mentioned above, that contain incorrect or illegible data or that are submitted after February 28th, 2020 at 23.59h (GMT+1, Spain) will not be valid 

    8.3 Once applicants have submitted their projects, they cannot be altered or replaced.

    9. Ownership and Rights over Projects 

    9.1 Intellectual property rights over projects are always held by the author.

    9.2 By taking part in the Contest and with the subsequent publication of their project on the website, the candidate waives any right to compensation and/or reimbursement, and scholarships IED Barcelona the right to use the project free of charge in order to promote or disseminate the website and IED’s activities, provided the name of the author is mentioned.

    10. Content Belonging to IED, Concepts, Comments and External Links 

    10.1Content belonging to IED must not be downloaded, copied or distributed without prior written authorisation from IED.

    10.2 Applicants accept and agree that the projects and comments on the website are the exclusive responsibility of the individuals who publish them.

    10.3 IED is not obliged to control or supervise the projects or comments published on the website. Therefore, IED cannot ensure the veracity, accuracy or quality thereof. In no event shall IED be responsible for any projects or comments that prove unlawful, illegal or offensive in any way.

    10.4 IED reserves the right not to publish or to remove any projects or comments from the website when they violate the provisions of these regulations, prove inappropriate or should be censored. IED reserves the right to alter the projects submitted by users by any means necessary in order to allow them to be published on the website.

    10.5 The website may include links to other websites that do not belong to IED or are not controlled by IED. Users accept and agree that under no circumstances will IED be held responsible for the content, advertisements, services or products featured on said external websites.

    11. Obligations of the Candidate

    11.1 Applicants undertake:

    a) Not to directly or indirectly damage or violate the website;

    b) Not to directly or indirectly disclose or assign user names, passwords, access codes or access data relating to the website;

    c) Not to reproduce, copy or distribute all or part of the concepts and content of the website for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

    d) Not to carry out any action that might pose any risk to the website.

    11.2 It is strictly forbidden for applicants to:

    a) Present, upload and/or publish material that is protected by copyright, unless the candidate is the holder of said copyright or has been authorised by the holder;

    b) Present or publish material that discloses industrial secrets, unless the candidate is the owner of said secrets or has been authorised by the owner;

    c) Present material that breaches laws on intellectual property, privacy rights or rights arising from publicity contracts;

    d) Present material that is illegal or breaches the law or public and moral order;

    e) Present material that contains improper expressions or violates the dignity or decency of others;

    f) Present sexually explicit material;

    g) Present promotional material, spam or any other unauthorised content;

    h) Forge their identity;

    i) Present material that contains computer viruses and/or other codes, files or programmes intended to discontinue, destroy, damage or limit the operation of software, hardware, websites or telecommunication means belonging to IED or third parties.

    11.3 Failure to comply with that set out in point 12.2 above will entitle IED to eliminate the candidate, his or her project and comments from the website. IED and/or its representatives further reserve the right to claim compensation for damages.

    12. Withdrawal 

    12.1 Applicants are entitled to cancel their inscription on the website at any time by sending a written request to IED by email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating their username and password. Requests for cancelation will not be accepted if the requisite data is not provided. 

    12.2 Failure to fulfil the obligations defined in points 2.4, 3.4, 9 and 11 will entitled IED to cancel the candidate’s inscription on the website at any time, without warning, and to remove from the website any projects or comments published by that candidate.

    13. Course Cancelation 

     13.1 If a Masters or Postgraduate Course is cancelled as a result of there not being sufficient students, all scholarships for that course will be lost and may not be used for any other course included in IED Barcelona’s training programme or that of any other IED school.

    14. Legal jurisdiction 

    14.1 For any questions or dispute that may arise in relation to the interpretation, application, fulfillment or breach of that established herein, the Parties expressly waive whichever may apply to them and submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Spain). | 2020