When will the results be published?

All participants will be contacted individually with the result of their participation between May 13th and 25th 2019. The summary of the winning projects will be published on the website https://becasmaster.iedbarcelona.org.

If I win a scholarship, what is the next step?

If you win a scholarship, you will be contacted via email by an IED representative, informing you about the result. Once you are contacted, you have to reply within the following 3 (three) natural days, confirming your acceptance of the scholarship. If you fail to do so, the scholarship will be considered rejected.

To benefit from the scholarship, and after accepting it, you will have 21 (twenty one) natural days from the day of the result communication to complete the enrolment for the Master’s or Postgraduate for which the scholarship has been awarded. The enrolment involves, in any case, the payment of the Enrolment Fee.

We advise you to check the content, dates and fees of the course you are applying for, before participating in the contest.

What is the criteria of the Assessment Committee to evaluate the projects?

The Assessment Committee will value the projects taking into account:

-          Innovation: the project has to present an innovative idea, that matches the topic and instructions given for the particular course you have chosen.

-          Development: the more developed the concept and its application are, the better rating the project will have..

-          Presentation: A clear, concise and structured presentation will receive a better rating.