In what language should the documents be submitted?

The projects and all the documents are to be written in the language in the working language of your course of choice. Applications not meeting this requirement will not be considered, due to non-compliance with the contest’s legal terms and conditions.

Can I submit a project that I have already done before?

Yes, as long as the project is the outcome of your own personal, intellectual and original work and that no forgery or plagiarism is committed, and has not been submitted for other IED scholarship contests. Should the submitted project be a previous creation, it has to be adapted to the topic of the contest and cannot be a work that has already been executed or completely developed.

Can I submit a project I made with other people or with a team?

No, all the projects have to be made personally by the participant, without the collaboration of other parties, nor violating any third-party intellectual property rights, whether registered or not, such as copyright, trademarks and patents, contracts, customs or traditions.

I cannot upload the files on the contest site, what should I do?

If the system does not allow you to upload the files, this is because you are not meeting the requirements. In this case, you should check:

-          File size (cannot exceed the size indicated on the website)

-          File extension (the format has to be as indicated on the website)

-          File name (cannot contain spaces, non-recognizable characters such as accents, or particular letters from certain languages such as ‘ñ’)


A file called “Proyecto de diseño de interiores”, must be “Proyecto_de_diseno_interiores.pdf”

Can I upload a video?

You cannot upload a video on the platform, but you can upload it on a different platform and then copy and paste the link to it in your project. In this case, a video is always welcome as support material.

Can I send the documents in a different way other than the website or email them to someone?

No. All projects and documents have to be submitted through the website Check file size and format before sending them.

How do I know if my project has been submitted correctly?

Once you have submitted your project, you will receive a confirmation email.